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Juice Fasting & Raw Vegan Coach

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The Natural Cure's founder, Jules Bailey, is available to you as your personal, private coach, for a 3, 10, 30, or 90 Day Juice Fast which includes a thorough review of your full health workup and individual history / life circumstances, 1-2 hour Pre-Cleanse Consultation, Daily check ins via texting / voice messages with Jules, Emergency Phone Calls and overall guidance all throughout your Juice Fast. She offers a Breaking the Fast Program to help you transition back into eating solid food complete with a menu, unlimited texting & 1 hour long zoom calls weekly as well as a Raw Vegan Transition Program to allow for a renewed entry into an RAW VEGAN diet tailored for your NEW body.

Jules has personally been practicing fasting for healing for over 10 years, having carried out over 50 master cleanses over the last decade. Jules juice fasted for 165 consecutive days in 2021. She has since maintained a mostly liquidarian, fruitarian lifestyle since then. Before her longest juice fast of 165 days, she had already been practicing Raw Veganism for 5+ years and Vegetarianism for 14 years.

She is well versed in regenerative detoxification, specializing in how to safely and comfortably tackle all healing crises and provide support and knowledge to overcome for a better day. Jules has been juice fasting people all over the world for quite some time and find that the key factor in success is accountability and having someone to help you push away your fears by providing the right knowledge, tools & support. She believes you can cure any dis-ease by simply modifying your lifestyle to allow for your perfect species specific diet to take place.

Jules has studied how to eat raw living foods for optimal health for the last 5 years and is now able to coach others to learn this diet quickly and effectively. Currently, Jules has successfully juice fasted HUNDREDS of happy clients WORLDWIDE. 95% of Jules's clients lose 50+ pounds during their time working with her and at least 20 pounds of undigested food waste. Clients experience a total REBIRTH, a spiritual AWAKENING & connection to everything like they have never experienced before.


  • Amy
    Posted October 26, 2022 at 8:08 pm

    I tried ordering your juice fast ebook but it says I can’t order and pay for it out of my state? I live in Washington

    • Post Author
      Jules Bailey
      Posted November 5, 2022 at 6:07 pm

      Hello Amy! The issue has been fixed, did you still want the ebook? The website issue has been resolved and the book is available for purchase, so sorry for the inconvenience. Cheers! Jules <3

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Why Choose Us?
The Natural Cure; A Mental, Physical & Spiritual Ascension Program is a revolutionary, one of a kind program. What makes it so special? Not only will you learn how to juice fast, but your juice fast coach will check in with you DAILY. You receive UNLIMITED DAILY texting with the best juice fast coach throughout your entire fast. Emergency phone calls are available for those late night cravings or healing crises scares. A typical juice fast coach meets with clients only once a week. At The Natural Cure, we believe this is simply inadequate for your success. With your coach literally in your pocket throughout the duration of your fast, you simply CANNOT fail.

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