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Breathe to Ease Breathwork Program


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Why Should You Do Breathwork?

To begin, breathwork and fasting go hand in hand together since they both enhance the body’s natural functions by flushing out toxicity and bringing the body back to homeostasis. Fasting scrubs the toxins stuck to the body, the breathwork properly releases them out the body since 70% of the waste is carried out by the lungs. It is very powerful, one can lose weight with daily sessions without any dietary changes, fasting or exercise.

Why Breathwork Goes With Juice Fasting

Next, let’s discuss why breathwork goes with juice fasting. For a proper juice fasting experience, breathwork is essential. Cravings for solid food go away and the body will properly detox, heal and be nourished. Conscious breathing not only accelerate the detox process, it also makes the individual grow in every aspect of their life. It allows anyone to release trauma and emotions that haven’t been delt with ans let go of old self-destructive patterns that no longer serves the individual for their own personal and spiritual growth.

What is breathwork?

The first, the original yoga, breathwork is the fundamental base of a healthy lifestyle. This practice is necessary for any kind of healing as it breaks any kind of blockage that prevents you from healing. It’s a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual work to bring light into darker places where you become conscious of your true highest potential self.

Here are some benefits to breathwork:

+Complete, self-sustaining nutrients synthesis
+Improves Sleep
+Increase circulation
+Increase blood oxygen levels
+Increase spinal electricity
+Weight loss
+Emotional trauma healing
+Naturally release DMT and serotonin
+Detox the body
+Vivid dreams and lucid dreaming
+Strengthen the immune system
+Stimulates bowel movements
+Eliminate parasites from the body
+Removes plaque from organs
+Enhances sexual performances
+Nourished without eating or drinking
+Improves digestion
+Heal wounds faster
+Enhances muscle growth and recovery
+Increase mental clarity
+Reverses diseases
+Feeling energized yet calm
+Dissolves inflammation
+Reduces hunger

What’s offered:

9 life changing breathwork classes hosted by Oliver, for the beginners and advanced breathers

What you’ll learn:

Next, you need to know what you will learn. This online breath-workshop, the student will learn everything that is needed for proper utilization of the breath. Oliver will share the mechanics of natural breathing, the basics of the energetic body, releasing blockages and traumas and how to use breathwork in daily life beyond the sitting down sessions.

The classes:

Class 1: How to breathe.
This class is all about the mechanics of natural breathing and the different types of breathing patterns. We’ll be practicing natural breathing with some very basic exercises to get used to the natural flow of the breath
Class 2: Locks.
We’ll take a look at what energetic locks are, how to use them and how to integrate them into breathwork. This is an introduction for the next class to get students aware of the energetic points (meridians) on the body.
Class 3: Energy points (meridians).
This class is an introduction to the energetic body. We’ll learn what they are, how to use them and some breathing exercises to strengthen them.
Class 4: Energy releasing using energy points.
Follow up of last class, we will learn about moving energy to certain places in the body. Using this technique will allow unprocessed emotions and traumas to be released.
Class 5: Postures/Body language.
This class is about different positions and postures we can take to amplify our intentions (in tentions) to get more of what we need out of a breathwork session.
Class 6: fasting and cravings.
We’ll take a look at why we get cravings and how to get rid of them using the breath.
Class 7: People & environment.
We can have have a difficulty to heal if were around disharmonious people and in disharmonious environments. This class will teach how we can harmonize with people and an environment and how to be less affect by them.
Class 8: Eating the air/chi
We’ll learn how to use the air and chi (the body’s electricity) to nourish the body and have lots of energy through out the day whether in a fasting state or in a normal consumption state.
Class 9: Using the breath in everyday life.
This class is a sum up all the other classes. Oliver will also be teaching about subconscious programming to breathe properly and how we can use breathwork in the regular everyday life we live.

What to expect:

In summary, these classes will transform anyone who’s committed to learning and practicing conscious breathing. By the end of this program, every students will have a toolbox full of breath-wisdom to use anytime of day, anywhere they are, creating a state where one is healing at all time and becomes physically and psychologically healthier and stronger everyday.
Take back control of your health and energy by signing up to this program.
True healing is right at your disposal.


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