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90 Day Juice Fast Coaching Package



This package is known as, “The Great Rebirth,” and it is the real deal! It takes 90 days to truly fully reset your body and to have a great rebirth. Our 90 Day Juice Fast Coaching Package walks you through the entire process, giving you the knowledge, accountability & guidance you need to succeed.

If you haven’t watched John Rose’s YouTube videos here, you NEED to. They will change your life and motivate & educate you on why you need to “go the distance.” After that, you will be ready for our 90 Day Juice Fast Coaching Package, if you’re not quite there already.

Going the distance means to juice fast until you are no longer pooping old waste. You no longer have any old uneliminated old waste inside your gut & with our 90 Day Juice Fast Coaching Package, you can finally eliminate it all and become your TRUE SELF. You can test when you think you are ready with the prune test. This is an accurate test that Jules will guide you through to see if you are clean. If you pass you may break your fast, if not, you must continue juicing for the full benefits.

Jules decided after being raw vegan for 4 years that she desperately needed to find out if she too had 20-60 lbs of old undigested toxic poop waste inside of her. She decided to go the distance once and for all.

Low and behold, she did and so did her raw vegan for 10 years partner. Watch a video on what came out of Jules during her 112 days of juicing here. Jules went on for more healing to day 165, but passed the prune test at day 112. Watch the video on what came out of Danny, Jules’s partner, here.

She felt the world needed to know about this and about the amazing transformation that happens within you as you clean your body. Jules made it her mission to document her entire journey for the world to witness just how transformative the experience was for her both mentally, physically & spiritually.

Check out the rest of her grand transformation here on Jules’s YouTube Channel.

Once Jules completed her task of fully cleaning out her colon, she knew it was time to create the 90 Day Juice Fast Coaching Program for all others to have the courage, knowledge and accountability to do it too.

Thats when Jules’s created this program you are considering now.

So here you have it, the world’s ONLY 90 Day Juice Fast Coaching Package.

After purchase, you will download the app WhatsApp, this is where you will be able to be in touch with your coach at ALL TIMES. Something not offered by any other juice fasting coach out there today.

Upon purchase, you will be given your coaches PERSONAL phone number and asked to send the first text over this app.

Shortly after you will receive an in depth client questionnaire via email.

This questionnaire will become the focal point and digital guide for your pre-cleanse video chat conference with Jules, lasting 1-2 hours. During this video conference, you and your coach will discuss all factors of your individual journey as you juice fast. Triggers you may have and bonus points that are on your side will be revealed. You and your coach will discuss any and all health issues that may be bothering you. Fears will be confronted and calmed. By the end of your pre-cleanse conference you will feel 100% pumped up and ready to take on your 3 months of juice fasting to a NEW LIFE.

From this point on, Jules will be available to you for 1 30-minute video chat a week, optional 15 minute phone calls 2x a week and unlimited daily text messaging and voice messages.

Weekends are for emergency calls only which are always available to you.

Jules takes weekends to be present with her family and so texting during this time should be limited to respect her down time. However, you should know she would rather you contact her than break your fast, even during a weekend!

Jules will guide you through every aspect of your juice fast, as well as breaking the fast and how to carry out the re-feeding process.

This is a life changing experience and will 100% shift your perspective on all things in life. You WILL experience a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

It is quite the commitment and not for the faint of heart. But it is WORTH IT.

Should you choose to embark on this life changing journey, you will most certainly experience a great REBIRTH.

There will be life before the juice fast & life after.



Program Outline:

Days 1-7, Week 1: Hold on to your hat, all you have to do is get through the day. This is the HARDEST part. Transition week. Learning how to juice fast, taking parameters – iridology, weight, measurements, journalling. What to expect when detoxing the body.

Days 8-15, Week 2: Detoxification is an art. Adjunct you need to know about. All about herbal tinctures. Tap water is poison. Dealing with exhaustion & brain fog. Importance of aiding the organs of elimination. Bowel cleansing, how pooping is related to your mood & your cravings.

Days 16-23, Week 3: Diarrhea & bloating – what they mean. Releasing energies. Weathering the storms. Highs and lows of detoxification. Rebounding & dry brushing.

Days 24-31, Week 4: Coping with exhaustion & boredom. Facing social pressures.

Days 32-39, Week 5: Tapping in to your authentic self. Bringing back your human instincts. Calling in your guides. Taking time to meditate and work through your relationship with food.

Day 40-47, Week 6: Sun-gazing, grounding and connecting to nature. Asking the divine energy of the universe to fill you. Mastering flow state.

Day 48-55, Week 7: How to bring on your Spiritual Awakening

Day 56-63, Week 8: Gratitude; the theme of fasting

Day 64-71, Week 9: You are no longer numb. Heightened senses are experienced. You are now aware of just how toxic our human environment has become. Experiencing smell hell. Ridding your home of toxins. Avoiding poison while out and about.

Day 72-79, Week 10: You are becoming a POWERFUL manifestor, vibrating on a much higher frequency than anyone else around you. You are connected. Let’s continue the work and expect MIRACLES.

Day 80-87, Week 11: A NEW YOU – Magic now exists in your life. Let’s talk about the prune test. Mentally preparing to break your fast. Discussion of how to break your fast and what the menu will look like.

Day 88-95, Week 12: Officially HIGH ON LIFE. Time to decide your next moves and lay them out with Jules. It’s time to get to know the NEW YOU. The journey is just beginning my friend.



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The Natural Cure; A Mental, Physical & Spiritual Ascension Program is a revolutionary, one of a kind program. What makes it so special? Not only will you learn how to juice fast, but your juice fast coach will check in with you DAILY. You receive UNLIMITED DAILY texting with the best juice fast coach throughout your entire fast. Emergency phone calls are available for those late night cravings or healing crises scares. A typical juice fast coach meets with clients only once a week. At The Natural Cure, we believe this is simply inadequate for your success. With your coach literally in your pocket throughout the duration of your fast, you simply CANNOT fail.

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