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Raw Vegan Transition Program



Considering the Raw Vegan Transition Program, but not sure if it’s for you? Look over these quick questions. How can you eat so that you do not get backed up again? Have you spent months clearing out your colon and lymph? If so, how can you keep it this way? Is it possible to keep the weight off? Can you maintain the juice fast high? If you are wondering the answer to any of these questions, The Raw Vegan Transition Program is for you.

This 30 day program was designed specifically for those who have broken an extended juice fast, but is also great for those who just want to finally make the choice to get fully raw and experience the benefits. It is totally appropriate for those who have just completed the 10 day Juice Fasting Package, the 30 Day Juice Fasting Package or the 90 Day Juice Fasting Package. People who want to know what’s next.

It is also a great program for those who are going FRUITARIAN. But need to know where to start or how to spice up fruit so the diet is more achievable. People doing FRUIT FAST DETOX. This program is also appropriate for those who just want to add more fruit into their diet.

Upon entering this program, you will receive a FIRST & ONLY Gourmet Fruitarian Ebook designed just for where you are in your journey. It will be complete with 21 delectable recipes to keep you satiated while maintaining a fruitarian diet. Fruitarianism is the most perfect diet for the human species. You will feel this for yourself if you are able to apply the diet.

You receive weekly 30-minute long zoom conferences with Jules. In addition, you will also receive unlimited text messaging, voice messages & emergency phone calls.

A modified version of this program is also available to those of you who are transitioning from a standard American, vegetarian or vegan lifestyle to a RAW vegan lifestyle. You will receive the same package as described above, but with a modified ebook.



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