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Pre Juice Fast 3 Day Fruit Fast Coaching Package


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Perhaps you want to do something really great for your body. How can you set yourself up to succeed on your extended juice fast? The answer is a fruit fast!

Each day of this coaching package, you will receive a menu. This will guide you to slowly and easily prepare your body to be in a fasting state. This will be the most comfortable way to ease into your juice fast.

What exactly is the fruit fast diet?

Fruit fasting is a natural healing method that intensively cleanses the body. With this modified form of fasting you do not have to give up solid food, but rather concentrate on certain foods instead.

Fruit fasting is a natural healing method that intensively cleanses the body. With this modified form of fasting, you do not have to give up solid food, but rather concentrate on certain foods instead. You can enjoy fruits of all kinds, smoothies, smoothie bowls, juices, and more on this diet.

Fasting with fruit is a CURE ALL. You just have to go long enough.

Benefits of fruit fasting

Fruit cleanse for detox and purification

Fruits contain not only many vitamins, but also minerals, fiber and enzymes with which you can replenish your supply of vital substances. The enzymes also have a stimulating and strengthening effect on the liver. In combination with the high water content of the fruits, which contributes to the cleansing of the intestines, they stimulate elimination, detoxification and purification.

The fructose in the fasting fruit and vegetables provides you with sufficient energy during fruit fasting so that you will feel fit and vital despite reduced food consumption. Some people don’t even feel light-headed or unwell during this type of fast.

Strengthening the body and mind

Fruit fasting not only strengthens the immune system, but also your self-confidence: you train your self-discipline and you will notice that you can endure a day or even a week of fasting.

In addition, your craving for sweet and unhealthy food will subside and you will not experience a fasting crisis.


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