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Oracle Reading


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What You Get

Sam, our Oracle Reader & Angelic Medium is here to provide you with readings at your convenience. You can also check out her Angelic coaching package here, where she will help you raise your frequency to overcome any obstacles you are facing, heal trauma and to activate your own Angelic DNA, through a customized coaching program. She can help you connect with your Angels through an Oracle reading, where through Angelic channeling and a raised frequency, you will receive accurate guidance from your Angels as answers to any question you may have about your past, present or future.

What is An Oracle Reading?

Oracle readings are very similar to tarot card readings. They are amazing for tapping into possible future timelines in order to see where you are going. This is usually predicted by the current energy you are giving off as everything is created via the law of attraction.They are also helpful for understanding the past and present energy that led you to where you are now.

When you work with your oracle cards, you are working with divine spiritual energy as a tool to guide you to move forward.Any predictions can be changed by free will as I mentioned above. So, even just seeing a possible future timeline gives you the power to change it. You have the power to change anything in your life. If you don’t like what you see, you have an opportunity to change it.

Why Oracle Readings Go Hand in Hand With Fasting

When you are juice fasting, you raise your vibrations. The longer you go, the higher your vibrations. We are energy. When we eat dead foods and get clogged up over a lifetime, our vibrations go down. There is energy in fruit, vibrations in fruit and when you are juicing mainly fruit for a long while, your frequency goes up. When your frequency goes up, you are closer to the angels vibrations and are more easily able to connect with them. Having a professional reading by Celia, our oracle reader and angelic medium during your fast can be intense as your channeler (Celia) will be able to truly connect with your angels while you are vibrating on a much higher level than you previously have been in your life. If there was ever a time to get an oracle reading, it is now!

When you reach a certain day deep enough on your juice fast, you will feel the divine energy flowing through you and you will become more interested in tapping into these unseen realms now that you can FEEL them.

Jules experienced a Spriritual Awakening and found that the magic was “real.” She could feel it and no longer needed to question her intuition anymore. Here is her video on here Spiritual Awakening expereince.


Once You Are Here You Can Really Benefit From an Oracle Reading & Here is Why:


One of the biggest benefits of oracle cards is that they offer self-awareness. They help to uncover aspects of yourself that you may not be consciously aware of. They bring things to the surface that will help you to understand what is going on in your life.

I’ve found self-awareness a very important thing. Because if you are trying to change something and nothing is working, you may not have the whole picture. You may not be aware of exactly what is going on and therefore can’t move forward.

But, if you can uncover those ‘hidden’ aspects and take a look at them, they will give you a whole new perspective and a path for moving forward.


Oracle cards are great for providing you with clarity about situations in your life.

Let’s say you are trying to decide between two different jobs, and you are having a tug-of-war between your heart and your head. You can ask the cards to show you where each decision will lead if you choose either one. They will also show you what is really in your heart.

This will uncover a lot of clarity and reassure you that the decision you want to make is the right one. It is almost like a second opinion. Sometimes in life, you may want a second opinion to let you know that the choice you are making is a good one.

Oracle cards can provide clarity for the confusion that you are having about a decision in your head. They may also provide clarity about your current situation, the past, and even the present energy that you are heading towards.


Oracle cards are great for giving you guidance. When you use oracle cards, you work with your higher self, your spirit guides, your angels, and anyone else that you want to. It’s really up to you who you invite to help you but there are many options.

These beings can see the bigger picture and the paths available to you. So, they are great in providing you with guidance that you may not be able to see.

Once you begin to work with them more, you will develop a relationship and your trust in them will increase. You’ll see that they have your best interest at heart and that they want you to be happy. They are like your best friend and mentor here on your journey in life. So, they can provide you with the guidance you are seeking.

As an example, I had these terrible sores in the corner of my mouth. I googled it and thought it was this fungus that I’d have to go to the doctor to get a prescription for. So, I asked my spirit guides if I should go to the doctor. The card they gave me was ‘wait’. I trusted them so I waited and asked for their guidance in solving it. It didn’t take long before I discovered it was the brand of lip gloss that was causing it. I threw away the lip gloss and the problem completely went away.

My example is a very small one, but your spirit helpers can offer you guidance for anything big or small. They can give you daily guidance and help to save you time and money instead of randomly trying strategies that may or may not work.


Oracle cards are great for providing you with reassurance with what you are currently doing or what you want to do.

If you are wondering if the path you are on is the right one but just want some extra reassurance, you can ask your oracle cards. They will provide you with the reassurance that you are indeed doing the right things, or they will help you to get to the right thing.


Predictions are a funny thing because no matter what is predicted, it can change! You have free will and so does everyone else. So, predicting something doesn’t mean it’s set in stone.

They say that even viewing the outcome of an oracle card can change a prediction. You may wonder why on earth do it then?

Well, some timelines may be closer and more solid than others. So, while some predictions may change (because they are just beginning to form), others have been forming for a while and have a stronger foundation. These ones are unlikely to change too much.

It’s really up to you how it all plays out. You have the power to create your own reality, so you get to decide if the prediction comes true or not (depending on what you want.)

In Summary…

As you can see oracle cards are amazing for giving you all sorts of information, guidance, and clarity. They help you to see where you are, why something may be happening in your life and where you are going.

Oracle cards give you your power back and allow you to look at your situation from a different perspective. This more empowering perspective can allow you to make changes for your future if you want.

You can’t do them wrong as they will always show you where your energy is. But it can take a bit of practice to learn how to interpret them so be sure to always check in with your intuition.

The cards themselves are never wrong. They can however be changed and altered by your energy.

You are so powerful and have to ability to create any future you want. Oracle cards are an amazing tool to add to your life if you are looking to empower yourself and work with universal energy to create a life of abundance.


Tarot Cards

  • Fixed System
  • Several Rules
  • Traditional system (been around for a long time)
  • Have the same number of cards in each deck (78 cards)

Oracle Cards

  • A twist on tarot cards but more fluid
  • Easy to read
  • Different number of cards in each deck (usually more than angel cards but less than tarot cards)
  • Newer system (haven’t been around as long as tarot)

Angel Cards

  • Loving messages & imagery
  • Very similar to oracle cards
  • Easy to read
  • Different number of cards in each deck (usually less than tarot & oracle)


Why Now?

Make the most of this time that you are vibrating on a higher frequency than most anyone else and find out what your angels are trying to say!

Additional information

Number of Readings

1 Reading, 3 Readings


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