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First Ever Gourmet Fruitarian Ebook Created By The Raw Vegan Family


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Hey Fam – I thought I’d offer, “The First Ever In The World – GOURMET FRUITARIAN EBOOK,” to the world, as it is most needed!

It has 43 Fruitarian Recipes in it! They are all fully created by The Raw Vegan Family from scratch!

This Ebook took me 5 MONTHS to create. It contains recipes for juices, breakfast, entrees, desserts, soups, salads & sauces ALL MADE FROM FRUIT. In total, my BRAND NEW, NEVER SEEN BEFORE Gourmet Fruitarian Recipe Ebook contains 43 recipes including, ALL FRUIT pizza, ALL FRUIT sushi, ALL FRUIT curry, ALL FRUIT pasta AND MORE!


This ebook is specifically designed for those who have already done some serious cleaning in their bodies on an extended juice fast or those who wish to heal & regenerate at a rapid pace without juice fasting or in between juice fasts. This ebook is great to utilize after your two week Breaking the Fast Program with Jules ends. Jules designed her programs to meet your specific needs after your Breaking the Fast Program as you enter the Raw Vegan Transition Program. However, healing can take place in any order! Maintaining a very high vibration is difficult when the whole world seems to be serving up poison. This book is meant to keep you strong on your fruitarian diet as you make your way through life living like a God or Goddess in fruity paradise. Giving up the food drugs that originally made you numb and sick shouldn’t feel like a sacrifice. It should feel like abundance. This ebook is one of a kind. We hope that it helps you to enjoy sticking to your fruity journey with great pleasure. 

If you purchase this ebook, please know that it is copyrighted and therefore, against the LAW to share the recipes online. That being said, we much appreciate your photos being shared online! The book is currently hidden on my website and I’m only telling you guys about it first!




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