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Expert Iridology Reading


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This type of reading is for those who are looking for the best iridology reading with someone who has done extensive course work on the topic.

Iridologists base their pricing on the amount of courses and certificates that have completed and received.

If you are looking for a less extensive, less costly reading, please click here for a different iridiologist with less credentials.


Did you know a professional iridology reading will provide you with your current complete physical health status just from a simple picture of your eyes?

Iridology is the study of our irises as they relate to cellular weaknesses (genetics) and lymphatic congestion (toxicity). Every cell in our body reflects itself through the connection of the nervous system to the brain and optic nerves.

We can imagine our irises as an incredible monitor, showing us what is going on in our body.

As tissues become weakened and / or congested, changes occur in the fibers of the irises. This can also be due to inherited genetic weaknesses from past generations.

The iris fibers have been mapped out correspondingly to the related tissues in the body as you can see in the chart below, which was developed after many years of studying the iris in correlation to the specific areas.

Iridology is the study of the various patterns and characteristics of the iris, and how each pertains to health. Remarkably, every one of our tens of trillions of cells is reflected in the iris. A reading provides an iridologist with an accurate viewing of the current state of health of one’s entire body.

An Iridology analysis will reveal the health of all the fluids, systems, organs, and glands in current time. The reading will show many details about your current health status including…

  • Genetic strengths and weaknesses
  • An overall genetic constitution
  • Levels of toxicity and inflammation
  • The location in the body of specific chemical deposits.

An iridology reading is an accurate road map, providing direction on your healing journey. 

This ancient and incredibly effective method is the single best indicator of your health that you can get.  If you are skeptical, try it for yourself. As you read over your report, there will be no denying that this method is in fact a brilliant tool.

The best time to have a reading is during the start of a juice fast and then again at the end. This way you can compare the two. Undoubtably you will be able to physically mark the monumental improvement you will have created in your overall health & wellness status.

This package includes ONE READING but you can purchase a before and after reading here for a deal.



By observing them, we can analyze our body’s…

  • strengths
  • toxicity levels
  • vulnerabilities

We can do this in a very efficient and noninvasive way. Heck, you don’t even have to be present! You can just email a good photo of your eyes and receive a mind blowing report back within days.

Iridology is Crucial When Juice Fasting

It is important to have your reading when juice fasting to see which areas may need some more support.

One thing that is very interesting to observe in our irises is that the intestines show up in a circle around the pupil and thus are connected to every other tissue in the body. This is due to the fact that as an embryo our intestines are formed first and then like branches of a tree there are formed all the other organs, glands and tissues and we will always keep the neurological connection between them. Thus if there occur any issues in a certain area of the intestines, we might also experience problems in the connecting area, e.g. when there is a blockage or cellular weakness in the transverse / horizontal area of the bowels, we might also experience for example headaches or brain-fog.

This is why it is CRUCIAL that you clean out your bowels. The first step of your regenerative detoxification will be to get an iridology reading and begin juice fasting. Juice Fasting is the ONLY fully effective way to completely clean out your mucoid plaque and pounds of old uneliminated poop.

Your Reading Will Humble You

When it comes to your reading, you will be humbled.

The truth is we are all very sick as a species. The important thing is that you become aware of this and start to do the work to reverse dis-ease.

Iridology Gives You the Ability to Prevent Dis-ease

It is important to note that vulnerabilities and / or blockages noted on your report may not have manifested as physical symptoms JUST YET. You can now rest knowing you know exactly where you need to focus your efforts in your healing journey.

Having this knowledge will contribute greatly to your empowerment towards consciously and responsibly creating your optimal level of health and vitality to have the most amazing life experience.



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