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What Is Pain?

First, I would like to say I am not a licensed medical doctor, and I cannot diagnosis symptoms, this is just a non-professional opinion about a very important subject matter, that I encourage people to discuss with their naturopathic physicians. So with that being said, what is pain?  Pain can be defined a bunch of…

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Have you met your authentic higher self yet?

Have you met your authentic higher self yet? Guess what, that higher consciousness is already in you.  You are derived from a source, the creator, or universe.  I know it’s a hard concept to understand for some, especially those with a strict religious background. But, we are one. In some ways, I am you and you are me. It’s trippy to think…

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What Does It Really Mean To Be Raw Vegan?

What does it mean to be Raw Vegan? To me, raw vegan means more then just eating raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Yes, the nutrition is important. Obviously, soaking seeds and sprouting them to ensure that the enzyme inhibitors are eliminated for better digestion. Yes, eating foods that are dehydrated at lower temperatures, such as 115…

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Connecting to Your Angels

Connecting to Your Angels Connecting with Clarity…   Why am I here? Have you ever asked that questions before? Or ever wanted to know why? We all like to feel in control. Like we know where life is heading. Yet, the biggest and most profound confusion of all, is the confusion as to why we…

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How to Raise Your Vibrations

How to Raise Your Vibrations 25 Ways to Ground yourself  1.Earthing-walking barefoot  on Our Mother Earth in the dirt, grass, or sand.2.Stay hydrated with some spring water  3.Get some sunshine  4.Hug  some MF trees  5.Eat root veggies and red foods 6.Create/visualize a ground cord from your feet  to our earth  7.Breathing Exercises  8.Focus on your feet  9.Spend time in nature 10.Salt bath - 2cups epsom salt…

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Why Do Breathwork?

By Oliver Leonardo   What is Breathwork? What is breathwork and why is Breathwork so important? Why especially on a juice fast? The breath is the foundation of life itself. Everything that exists is breathing as everything needs polarities to exist. Atoms need protons (positive) and electrons (negative) to exist. Every time we breathe, we…

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Motivational YouTube Videos

When You Feel Weak, Keep Your Eye On the Goal & Watch These Juicing fasting & fruitarian Warriors who have gone before 70 Year Old Fruitarian's Menu 30 Year Fruitarian - Anne Eli Marytr - 6 Year Fruitarian 11 Biggest Benefits After 160+ Days of Juicing My 90 Day Juice Fast Results 365 Day Juice…

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Daily Log

Daily Log This is our very important Daily Log. As we go through our Regenerative Detoxification process, the mind can play tricks on us. Time can feel longer or shorter based on how you're doing. With this document, you and your coach can easily refer to creditable data about what is happening with your body…

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Why Choose Us?
The Natural Cure; A Mental, Physical & Spiritual Ascension Program is a revolutionary, one of a kind program. What makes it so special? Not only will you learn how to juice fast, but your juice fast coach will check in with you DAILY. You receive UNLIMITED DAILY texting with the best juice fast coach throughout your entire fast. Emergency phone calls are available for those late night cravings or healing crises scares. A typical juice fast coach meets with clients only once a week. At The Natural Cure, we believe this is simply inadequate for your success. With your coach literally in your pocket throughout the duration of your fast, you simply CANNOT fail.

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