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Hello & welcome to my site. My name is Jules and I am a Juice Fasting & Raw Vegan Health Coach. I'm so glad you are here!

If you are here, it is not a coincidence. You are being called to a great mental, physical & spiritual REBIRTH.

After pursing my own healing journey for the last 5+ years and discovering some incredible truths about health, healing and the human body, the created "The Natural Cure, a Mental, Physical & Spiritual Ascension Program."

This program revolves around extended juice fasting during which clients are able to finally lose excess weight as well as. 20-60 POUNDS of old toxic waste and become their IDEAL selves.

The program also includes iridology readings, herbal tinctures, breathwork, reiki, ground, sun gazing and other practices for healing & spiritual ascension.

During this time, you will age BACKWARDS and learn to heal ALL health ailments from the comfort of your own home.

What you put into your body controls everything else! During this timeframe, you will withdrawal from any and ALL addictions (including food) and experience a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING.

Upon completion of the program, you will be shocked at the transformation of your mindset towards food and your relationship with your body.

I know this because I embarked upon a very successful & miraculous healing journey of my own. After understanding the indescribable greatness that I had just discovered, I knew I needed to dedicate my life to teaching others how to experience the magic along side of me.

You see only a handful of years ago, I was suffering with severe and long time addiction (alcohol& pharmaceutical drugs), a severe eating disorder (bulimia & anorexia), a fatty gall bladder, severe digestive issues, depression, mood swings, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, anxiety disorder, bloating and more!

After running myself through my own program, I have defeated every single one of my ailments on my own, in the comfort of my own home without any hospital visits or medical bills.

I can’t believe that I now feel better than I ever did, even as a child. Now I realize we are all meant to feel this good, ALL of the time. We are being totally jipped. Food has been weaponized and we are all suffering because of it.
We have forgotten how to be human. We no longer have instincts that we were meant to have because we have all become addicted to chemical laden fake foods.

We live in a fake world with fake entertainment, fake food, fake body parts, fake social media and just about everything else.

So what do you say? Why don’t you make the choice to follow me back to Mother Nature. I want to bring YOU to the other side of life, the RECEIVING side. I have gone from darkness to light, and you can too.

I knew I had to start teaching, so that I could continue learning. These discoveries I had made were SO BIG that I needed to make it my life’s work.

Each and every day I work on the finding more answers to achieving the very BEST health & HAPPINESS (I believe they are one & the same).

I learn from everyone I teach and my perspectives and methodologies continue to evolve and mature as I do.

Sadly, much of what we are told today about health is simply MISINFORMATION. Health is is now a BUSINESS. They don’t want you healthy, they want you to be a loyal customer.

Health knowledge of ancient times has been wildly suppressed. I am here to change that. True health is not something that can purchased, but rather a way of life that must be learned and embodied.

My job is to teach everything you need to know to achieve your IDEAL mind, body & spirit, so that you feel confident in taking over on your OWN by the end of our time together. I want to empower you to take your health back! After all, our health is our most valuable asset of all. Pay now or pay later! And I must say, hospital bills are far more expensive than my coaching packages!


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